Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012


Hello ladies
I will write this post in English only. Please use the translator if you don't speak English. I'm having serious internet problems and don't know when the internet disconnects. I had the third engineer here today and they just can't find the reason for my problems :-(

I also can't upload the December-prize yet so please be patient. You will get wonderful and brandnew Madeira Threads - 1000 m and 200 m bobbins! I will show the picture later. It's worth it to join. The bobbins cost approx. 19 Euro so it's a bigger prize  :-) as a little Xmas present for the winner :-)

All others, please make sure you come back Dec 24th (Xmas eve in Germany), you all will get a little present here on the blog :-)

So talking about our Winners:

The winner of our 27th challenge is
 she won with this card:

(if you don't want your card to be here on the blog please let me know)

Sharon, as I told in my Email, I have sent your Prize so I hope it will be there soon.

 The winner of the 28th Challenge is:


(liebe Melodie, wenn du nicht möchtest, dass deine Karte hier gezeigt wird, sag bitte Bescheid).

Bitte schick mir deine Adresse an:

Dein Preis wird dir zugeschickt.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


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